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Learn and Discover: a way to wellbeing

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As we come to end of the academic year we reach our final way to wellbeing – Learn and Discover. Arguably, you are learning and discovering new things continuously at University, but learn and discover isn’t just about attending lectures or doing research on you’re chosen subject. It’s also about stepping outside your comfort zone, pushing yourself a little, and giving yourself a challenge.

Take the opportunity while you’re home a lot more and have some free time over the summer to try something new.  Learn a new language, or learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to but never got round to. Discover a new podcast, favourite novel or watch a documentary.

Need some Learn and Discover inspiration? We’ve got together a few easy ideas to get you started:

  • Catch up on the Lockdown Lectures
    Over the past few weeks we’ve heard from some of the nation’s foremost scientists, thinkers, historians and social commentators for some informal lectures from home.
  • Take up a new language
    With so much free time with a summer in lockdown, why not dive into learning a new language? Try out an app like Duolingo to help you get started!
  • Learn first aid
    It’s good to be prepared for an emergency, especially when urgent care centres are overwhelmed or you may not want to leave self-isolation for a relatively minor injury. Try out a free online first aid course to brush up your skills.
  • Discover your roots
    Wonder where your family was in the flu pandemic of 1918? Tracing your family tree can unearth lost memories or even distant relatives. Start by learning about genealogy and you can discover more about yourself and your background.
  • Upcycle old clothes or accessories
    Now you’re likely spending way more time at home. you can update, reuse, or upcycle everything from old t-shirts to shoes and garden pot. Just figure out what you’d like to use and find a project on Upcycle That to get started.
  • Take a free online course
    Our massive open online courses – or MOOCs – are free of charge and a typical MOOC lasts six to eight weeks. Your study on a MOOC takes place entirely online, through videos, discussions, quizzes, and reading and research activities.
  • Paint a masterpiece
    Painting is a great way to relax, unwind and learn a new skill while you’re at it! Why not take a free painting class and create some one of a kind artwork this summer.

To find out more about Learn and Discover and the Six Ways to Wellbeing visit the Six Ways to Wellbeing website.

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