17 of the best reusable face masks

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Now that face masks are mandatory on public transport and highly advisable when maintaining social distancing isn’t possible, I have put together a guide on where to shop for the best face coverings that won’t compromise your look.

Why should we be wearing face masks?

Although face coverings cannot prevent you from catching COVID19, they do prevent you spreading the virus to others should you be carrying it.

‘My mask protects you; yours protects me’, Professor Trish Greenhalgh, of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Despite the benefits of wearing a face covering, it remains imperative that the general public do not wear surgical face masks. These essential face coverings should be reserved for NHS staff and frontline workers only.

Where can we buy a face mask?

I have been hunting online for face coverings that not only slow the spread of the virus but, thanks to fashion-forward designers, are incredibly stylish.

I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of the following face coverings; they are all readily available online and definitely look the part.

For the element of surprise

  1. 3 Surprise Print Face Coverings for £20 from Boden

For the lover of animal print

2. Homologated mask in beige for £12.99 from Mango

3. 3 leopard print face masks for £12.95 from GAP

4. Animal print face mask for £15.99 from Prezzybox

For those who want a choice

5. 3 printed fabric face coverings for £16 from Oliver Bonas

6. 3 face coverings in maxed prints for £14 from ASOS

For a difference in fabric

7. Linen reusable face mask for £7.54 from Etsy

8. Sky silk face mask for £12 from Florence Bridge

9. Pink knit face mask for £11.22 from Just Hype UK

For the plain jane

10. Black washable hygiene face mask for £2.99 from Femme Luxe

For those who wear glasses

11. Wired mask for £20-£30 from Wired Glasses

For a touch of luxury:

12. Lace and silk face covering for £12 from Bluebella

For the charitable individuals:

13. We’re in this together charity fashion face mask for £6.99 from Topshop

For the lover of botanicals

14. Liberty print face masks for £12 on Not On The High Street

15. Spring garden 3 Ply filtered face mask for £45 from Aeibe

16. Spring botanical cloth face mask for £12.65 from Zazzle

For those wanting to make a statement

17. Yammy’s dancers reversible face mask for £15 from Newt

There is so much choice when it comes to a face covering and so there is no reason not to love wearing yours!

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