A conversation about ‘Our Future Manchester’ – the road to 2025

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Manchester City Council are currently halfway through their 10-year strategy for getting Manchester into the top flight of world class cities by 2025. Manchester has been heading strongly towards the 2025 target to becoming an even more talented, fair, buzzing, great-to-live-in, connected place.

At the moment, not enough of the most disadvantaged people and communities in Manchester are sharing enough of our city’s economic wealth, better-paid jobs, improving education and training, or our wider choice of housing options. The basics needed for every resident to have a better life haven’t changed.

Five years ago, the people of Manchester came up with five big ambitions that would make Manchester the best it could be by 2025. These ambitions were:

● Thriving – creating great jobs and healthy businesses that our people benefit from

● Filled with talent – home-grown in all our local communities as well as the world’s best

● Fair – with equal chances for everyone to unlock their potential, no matter where in our city they were born or where they live

● A great place to live – with loads to do, leading the way to a low-carbon future that creates new opportunities for our residents

● Buzzing with connections – world-class transport and brilliant broadband that put all Mancunians in touch with chances to get ahead.

Manchester City Council would like to know whether these ambitions are still right for it’s current residents. Take the short survey to tell your priorities, share your ideas, and let the council know how you can play your part in moving Our Manchester forward.

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