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Take part in Cycle September

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Sign up for Cycle September to join a fun, friendly global competition to encourage more people to cycle. It doesn’t matter how often you ride a bike or if you haven’t been cycled in a while, everyone is invited and you only have to ride a bike for ten minutes to take part!

This month, if you sign up to Cycle September on their website, you’ll be able to earn points by cycling and encouraging others to cycle too. Ride anywhere, anytime – to the shops, to work or even a quick 10 minute spin around your local park – to earn points and enter the draw for a huge range of prizes!

How to register: 

  • Sign up to Cycle September 
  • Log rides manually or connect via your favourite cycling app (Strava, MapMyRide or Endomondo). Your rides will be recorded automatically and will sync your last 30 days of riding.
  • You can win amazing prizes for riding and encouraging cycle use, including bikes, vouchers and much more.

Cycling can make you feel happier and healthier and cycling instead of driving means less congestion and cleaner air. For more information on cycling, visit our sustainable travel pages. You can also find out more about saving on the cost of a new bike from our Cycle to Work scheme

If you are planning on taking up cycling, take a look at our 8 tips for cycling safe around Manchester.

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