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Getting ready to start university – however you will be joining us this year

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No matter how you’re joining us this year, we know there’s lots to think about. Whether you’ve got a big move ahead or you’re staying where you are, we’ll be ready for you – and here’s how you can be ready too.

Moving to Campus?

If you are joining us on campus and moving to Manchester, we can’t wait to see you! However, we do know you have plenty to think about before you get here – and one of those things is what to bring. Ever helpful, a couple of our student bloggers have put together their top tips.

Read Lydia’s Ultimate Packing Guide, and if you’re moving from outside the UK, you’ll find some extra tips from Maliaka’s Guide for International students. Hopefully these will help take some of the stress away – whether you’re moving to Uni for the first time or joining us for your postgrad studies.

If you are joining us on campus, be sure to read our latest guidance for safety on campus. This also contains information for you if you need to quarantine on arrival.

Living at home and commuting?

We have lots of students who choose to live at home and commute to university every year – and this year there might be even more of you. This year, it will be even more important to plan your journey, especially with reduced capacity on many public transport routes. Remember to keep  up to date with the latest guidance on travelling safely.  If you’re planning on coming in to use the services such as the Library, remember to keep up to date with service availability – it’ll probably change frequently throughout semester one.

Two of our past student bloggers have talked about their experiences as living at home students, and whilst we don’t exactly know what this year will look like for anyone, their experiences will reassure you that you can still have the university experience you want and make the most of your time!

Read Ellie’s ramblings of one home student to another and Megan’s reality of living at home whilst studying.

Studying remotely?

This is the first time we’ll have a number of students who won’t be with us on campus at all – but you won’t be alone, and we’re committed to giving you the best experience possible. All students will have at least some of their learning online – so you’ll all be in the same position. All university services will be available to you online – and let’s face it we’ve all become fairly used to socialising online too!  The Students Union will be offering Digital Societies Fairs so you’ll still be able to find out about everything on offer, and there’s already Facebook group for incoming students you can join and meet people who will be studying like you.  Welcome will offer a whole host of University and School events online – there’ll be more information sent to you soon.

Get yourself a study space

Whether you’re moving to campus or staying at home you’re going to need a study space. Not only will some of your learning be online, but the Library and campus study spaces won’t be available at full capacity for a while – so it’s going to be important you have somewhere you’re comfortable and can be productive.

This could be a desk in your room or lounge or at the kitchen table. If possible, try to keep where you study and where you relax separate. Not only will this help you to be as productive as possible, but make sure you’re able to switch off at the end of the day as you can mentally separate relaxing from work.

Read student Lina’s piece about setting up your own sweet study spot.

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