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Three things to do this weekend, to help stay COVID-safe

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As we head towards the weekend, we hope you all continue to stay safe. Here are three things that you can do, to help stay COVID-safe.

1. Make sure you are registered with a GP and know the COVID-19 symptoms

It has never been more important for all students to register with a GP. In the UK, the term we use most often to describe a local or family doctor is ‘General Practitioner’, which we shorten to ‘GP’. Registering with a GP gives you access to a range of medical services.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you must book a test through the NHS COVID-19 app, or via the NHS website. You must put your term time address, not your family home address when filling in your details.

If you start to self-isolate, or test positive for COVID-19, you should also notify the University through our eForm.

2. Know what restrictions are in place

There are already national COVID-19 restrictions in place that we are all need to adhere to, such as the ‘rule of 6’ where individuals across the UK can no longer gather in groups of more than six people, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You should maintain social distancing of 2m or more from anyone you don’t live with, at all times.

Currently there are additional restrictions in place across Manchester for all residents, including students. Manchester residents are currently not able to socialise with people from outside their own household in their home or garden. This means that you can’t invite friends over to socialise, if you don’t live with them. Read more about the local restrictions in place across Greater Manchester.

If you have left your family home and moved into your university accommodation, your ‘household’ is now the other students who you share your flat/house with (in either halls or residence, or private accommodation). As a Manchester resident, you are currently not able to socialise with people outside of your flat/house mates.

What is a ‘household’?

Your household is who you live with, in the same flat/house. If you live in halls of residence, students living on different floors or as part of the wider accommodation block are not part of your household – it is just those that live in the same flat as you, that are part of your household.

3. Read more about student life in the time of COVID

Whether you’re a new, or returning student, you’ll no doubt have lots of questions or concerns about how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact your student life. This blog from Public Health England – Student life in the time of COVID – summarises the important public health advice and information, to remind you of what you need to know before the university term starts.

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