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A reminder to let us know if you have COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test

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The rates of coronavirus among our students have continued to go down over the last couple of weeks, and we’re extremely grateful and proud of all of you for doing the right thing to keep yourselves and others safe.

We have, however, had some reports that not everyone is reporting if they are positive or have symptoms. We acknowledge that, for a lot of you, times are hard right now. Particularly for those of you with housemates, it can be daunting to be the one with a positive test. But it is still incredibly important that you self-isolate with your household and report to us if you test positive or develop symptoms of COVID-19.

Reporting means we know that you might need additional support and we can work with Public Health England and the City Council to build a picture of COVID-19 in our student population and across the city.

You’ll no doubt have seen that Greater Manchester has entered the ‘very high’ level of Government restrictions. The detailed rules for this are online, but it’s important to remember that those of you living here should only mix with your own household indoors and try to avoid travelling outside of the region. You can still meet other people outside in groups of six or less in places like parks.  If you are travelling, remember that you will need to wear your face covering when using all public transport, including taxis.

If you are not self-isolating, please also remember that our campus is still open for you to use. Many of you are living, studying and socialising all in the same space, and so if it’s getting too much you can book a study space on campus for a few hours away from home. Please remember to wear a face covering when you’re inside our buildings – even if you’re sat at your desk – and if you’re eating or drinking make sure you put it straight back on after.

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