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Work experience bursary launches

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Are you considering work experience, but are worried about potential costs?

The Career’s service has just launched this year’s Work Experience Bursary Scheme for all undergraduate students. You can apply for a bursary to cover your travel, accommodation and/or dependent care costs.

Work experience can be just what you need, to give your CV the edge and show your commitment to gaining professional work experience prior to you entering the jobs market. The Career’s Service knows how important work experience can be, but also recognise that finding work experience can be daunting at any time, but especially now.

So, if you need some advice tips and tricks to get started then they’ve got you covered with the upcoming ‘Build skills. Get Work Experience’ workshop on Tuesday 1st December at 2pm.

In the meantime, here are some things to think about:

  • Take a look at the recent Career’s Service blog Work experience in the time of COVID for some really useful information and pointers
  • Make the most of networking, LinkedIn can be a quick way to connect with people, and ask about the possibility of work experience. You could try connecting with alumni who studied your course and get advice from them about how they secured work experience and whether they could support you. The Careers Service also have held sessions on making the most of linked in that you can watch back on the You Tube channel.
  • Make a shortlist of organisations you’d love to work with? Then research the organisations and see if they have opportunities similar to what you would like to do and reach out, remembering a telephone call is harder to ignore than an email or letter.
  • Reflect on your CV and think about what you can offer, if you feel you’ve gaps in your skills or CV why not consider making the most of free online courses

For more information about the scheme, see the Careers Service website.

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