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Student System currently unavailable

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Update 7 (2pm, Friday 13 November)

The Student System is being restored to service.

Staff, students and applicants should be able to log in now but if you can’t log in yet, try again in a few minutes.

We will be closely monitoring the system over the next few days to ensure all is working as expected. However, if you have any issues accessing it, please telephone the IT Support Centre straight away on 0161 306 5544.

Update 6 (11am, Friday 13 November)

More positive progress happened overnight – we re-enabled some of the ‘behind the scenes’ processes, and extensive testing from various University teams shows that they appear to have completed as expected.

Before we re-enable user login to the system, we want to increase capacity on the service to ensure that it will be able to deal with the sudden increase in logins; we’d much rather have a reliable system which can handle increased usage, than rush it and risk additional problems.

Among other things, we’re aware that some applicants are concerned that this is having an effect on their deadlines. We will be contacting admissions staff directly to manage this.

We understand the impact this is having on our staff, students and applicants, and sincerely apologise for the changing timelines for expected resolution. Please be assured that we continue to treat this as our highest priority, with a number of staff from across the University dedicating all their time to restoring the Student System back to service.

While we don’t yet have an estimated time for the work to complete, we will post another update by 2pm today.

Update 5 (3.30pm, Thursday 12 November)

Restoration of the service continues positively, with Alliance Manchester Business School’s student system now back online. Note: although this only impacts on a small proportion of users this has been an important step in confirming the approach being taken is workable.

The main Campus Solutions instance is much more complex and we want to ensure that all is working as it should be, so there are many checks and tests to be made. As a result we are not expecting the system to be fully up and running before the end of the working day.

We will hopefully be able to run many of our processes overnight as part of testing, so that the system can be available for staff, students and applicants to log in again tomorrow.

We will post the next update by 10am on Friday.

Update 4 (11am, Thursday 12 November)

We have identified the issues and plan to work on restoring the Student System today. We are expecting that it will take most of the day to return to full service. We will be working on the Alliance Manchester Business School’s version first as this is a smaller instance and will help to show that all is progressing and working as planned. We’ll issue the next informational update before 2pm.

We understand the impact this has had on staff, students and applicants, and we sincerely thank everyone for bearing with us while we’re carrying out this essential work.

Update 3 (2.30pm, Wednesday 11 November)

Work continues at the highest priority to bring the Student System back online. However, it will not be restored to full service until tomorrow (Thursday) at the earliest, and we’ll publish the next informational update by 11am on Thursday. Thank you for bearing with us while we carry out this essential work.

Update 2 (12.10pm, Wednesday 11 November)

Unfortunately, work to restore the Student System to service is taking longer than expected. Please be assured that this is being treated as a matter of high priority, and as soon as we have any more information, including a time to fix, we’ll let you know.

Update 1 (10am, Wednesday 11 November)

Work is ongoing to restore the Student System, and we’ll post an update as soon as we have any more information, including a time to fix.

Original message (6.45pm, Tuesday 10 November)

All instances of the Student System, our student records system, are currently unavailable due to the over-running of some planned maintenance. We aim to have access restored tomorrow morning, Weds 11 November.

Any planned processing will be done once service is restored. We apologise for the inconvenience due to this essential maintenance and will provide an update in the morning.

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