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Update on the occupation of the Owen’s Park Tower Building

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On Thursday a small group of students began an occupation in the Tower Building on our Fallowfield residence site to signal their concerns about a number of issues, but most notably their accommodation.

While we respect the rights of students to protest, any such occupation is without consent and causes disruption to the University.

As of today (14 November) a small number of students continue to occupy the building. They have access to food, water, toilets and, despite this being in effect a vacant building, the WiFi is now left on. It has been made clear that they are of course free to leave whenever they choose.

We have already been working with the Students’ Union on many of the issues which the student protestors have raised and these are the subject of a discussion with student representatives tomorrow.

Given the very large student body, in order to hear student concerns and collectively find the best way to support them, we work directly with elected Students’ Union officers, representatives from student halls and through student course representatives.

We have urged the students in the occupation to engage through these various representatives

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