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Essential maintenance on network equipment

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On the evening of Tuesday 15 December, IT Services’ network partners need to perform maintenance on some network equipment to ensure reliability of the service

This will cause short interruptions to wired and Wi-Fi network connectivity in some buildings.

The work is scheduled to take place between 8.30pm on 15 December and 12.30am on 16 December, and during this period, there will be different lengths of outages which will affect people in (or remotely connecting to PCs in) those buildings.

Due to the nature of the work, it’s not possible to state exactly which point during the four-hour period that these interruptions to wired and Wi-Fi connectivity will occur.

If you’re off campus or in other University locations, this will not affect you unless you’re remotely connecting to computers in the affected buildings.

Buildings which will have one outage of approximately 30 minutes, and up to three interruptions of 30 seconds each:

  • Bright Building
  • Carys Bannister Building
  • Mansfield Cooper Building
  • Martin Harris Centre
  • Rutherford Building
  • Samuel Alexander Building
  • Vaughan House
  • Waterloo Place

Buildings which will have up to three interruptions of 30 seconds each:

  • Alan Gilbert Learning Commons
  • Alan Turing Building
  • Arthur Lewis Building
  • Denmark Road Building
  • Ellen Wilkinson Building
  • George Kenyon Building
  • Jean McFarlane Building
  • John Garside Building
  • Simon Building
  • University Place

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