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There’s nothing a string of fairy lights can’t fix

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No one wants to live in a University room that is lifeless and bland, particularly at this time of year. Whether you’ve chosen to stay in Manchester or circumstances made it that way, we know this time of year can be hard and you might be missing friends and family. And whilst it isn’t strictly true that fairy lights will be the answer to everything, don’t under estimate how your surroundings can affect your mood.

That said, as a student it isn’t feasible to spend a lot of money on new furnishings. I often get carried away with new design ideas but have always had the slight problem of limited expenditure. Over the years, I have discovered cheaper ways to make sure I can get creative without breaking the bank.

Here are some of my tried and tested ways to inject some life into a room…

#1 Fairy Lights

Let’s be honest, there is nothing that a string of fairy lights can’t fix!

#2 Photographs

Get creative with how you display your pictures and surround yourself with fond memories.

#3 Wall hangings

An inexpensive way to cover a large portion of bare wall with something a little more interesting.

#6 Personalised artwork

You don’t have to be the next Picasso to create your own art… wrapping a canvas with some old fabric is easy-peasy.

#5 Display shelves

Can’t decide what to put on your walls? A floating shelf gives you the flexibility of changing it up.

#6 Candles and incense

I was never allowed them whilst living at home… my mother always thought that I would burn the house down (she had a point, I am a little clumsy). I am now obsessed with filling my room with interesting scents and fragrances.

#7 Handmade decor

Take a trip to your local craft shop and get creative. I got very carried away in my first year at university and my room ended up covered in pom-poms and bunting.  

#8 Upcycling furniture

Bring old and outdated furniture back to life with a lick of paint. You will be left with a bespoke piece of furniture and a good ‘green’ conscience.

#9 Thrifted furnishings

Charity, vintage, and thrift shops have a whole host of furniture and decor in great condition that won’t cost the earth. It takes a bit of time and a good eye, but the reward is worth it!

#10 Houseplants

Houseplants are such an easy way to bring life into a room. Just remember to water them, or buy a cactus.

I hope that this post inspires you to get creative at home!

Happy Studenting!

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