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6 ways to take a break

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With the start of the new semester and a national lockdown, it’s understandable that you might be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It’s important that you take a break while you’re studying for long periods of time – whether that’s going for a walk, catching up with friends or cooking a new recipe.

We’ve rounded up a few different ways you can take a break and refresh this January.

Staying active

Spending half an hour away from your studies and doing some exercise can help to clear your mind and improve your mood. This could be a short home workout, a quick run, or a walk around your local area to get some fresh air. If you’re in Manchester at the moment, take a look at our ideas for Manchester winter walks in and around the city centre.

Explore virtual museums

While we can’t currently travel or take a day trip to a local museum, there’s still plenty to explore virtually. Here you can find virtual tours of 12 of the world’s most famous museums, and you can also experience some of the world’s best exhibitions online!

Phone a friend

It’s important to check in with your friends and family when you can, even if it’s just for a 10 minute chat. Take a look at student blogger Malaika’s guide to social distancing socially, and Laura’s tips for staying connected to your friends whilst at university.

Try out a new recipe

Taking the time to cook a healthy meal or bake a dessert is a great way to take your mind off studying while also staying productive. For some simple recipe ideas, check out content ambassador Kirstie’s recipes for people who dislike cooking, 8 of the best store cupboard recipes, and super easy dessert recipes.

Self care

Self care can help you to switch off from your university work, particularly after a long day of studying. Here are a few tips for practising self care as a student.

Listen to a podcast

There are so many podcasts out there, it can be difficult to know what to listen to. For a few recommendations, take a look at Kirstie’s 13 podcasts you’ll want to start listening to and Nana’s 7 podcast recommendations based on your degree.

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