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Where to find support for your online assessments and exams

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There’s lots of support available to help you succeed in your studies and exams, whatever challenges you’re facing.  Your particular exam-related issues may be the same as those of your peers or they may be different. But whatever it is that makes the exam experience difficult for you, we’re here to support you through it all. 

Technical support

If you have a technical issue, first check the IT Services Service Availability information or the Turnitin Service Status page (if the issue concerns Turnitin). If the service status shows a technical failure with a University system, this means the issue is known and being addressed by the University. In this case Schools will adjust submission deadlines (if necessary) and notify all relevant students of this change.

If you experience a network failure, close the browser and try again using a different browser or computer where possible, or try again later. If the issue is with your Wi-Fi, try moving to an area with a stronger signal or using a wired connection if possible, and limiting the number of applications open and running on your device. Get further guidance on fixing internet connectivity issues.

For more information about technical support and who to contact about technical issues with your exams, click here. 

Academic advisors 

The exams period can often leave us feeling a bit more vulnerable and uncertain than we are used to, so don’t be afraid to contact your Academic Adviser for support. 

You should feel free to contact your advisor, but your Academic Advisor should make contact with you via email (or other means for example through an invite to Collaborate through a Bb module) to check-in with you and arrange contact. Do please look out for this contact and respond, even if it is just to let your advisor know that you are ok. 

Your Advisor is there to support you with your academic progress, future plans, wellbeing and anything affecting your ability to study. Your advisor will be happy for you to contact them about anything. They don’t know everything and unless your support falls within their expertise, they will need to work with you to find solutions. 

For more information on communicating with your Academic Advisor, click here

Library resources

This year may have felt different, but the Library is still here with the resources and support you need to manage new types of assessments and succeed in communicating what you have learnt.

  • Drop-in sessions

Book onto a drop-in session to get support and guidance on assessments from Library staff and the Student Team.

  • Online resources‌

Browse our revision resources and other assessment support resources to access the practical online materials you need to support you in preparing for assessments, whenever you need them.

  • Online workshops

Come together to learn new revision strategies, connect with other students and, most importantly, set aside quality time to revise. Find out more and book on via the workshop page.

  • Specialist Library Support

Our expert staff are on hand to answer your questions in the specialist areas of business data, copyright, maths and statistics, referencing support, advanced searching and systematic reviews. 

For more information about Library support during your exams, click here. If you have any questions or need further support, please contact us at uml.teachingandlearning@manchester.ac.uk Or talk to us online via Library Chat 24 hours a day. 

Wellbeing support 

It’s normal for anyone to feel overwhelmed when studying for and taking their exams, but don’t forget there’s lots of help and support to navigate this tricky time. Through the ups and downs of the exams period, you won’t be alone.

Counselling and Mental Health Service

The Counselling and Mental Health Service offer a wide range of support. If you need to talk to someone, please complete this online questionnaire before calling the appointment line on 0161 275 2864 (Monday–Friday, 10.30am–1.30pm). Please state the colour suggested upon completing the questionnaire and you will be booked in for the next day.

If you need support immediately, use this list of urgent mental health support:

24/7 phone line

Our new Health Assured 24/7 mental health support phone line and app mean that there is always someone available to offer support – whatever time of day or night.

Wellbeing chat

A wellbeing chat service is available to students Monday to Friday between 11am–12pm and will be monitored for messages throughout the week too.If you would like to request a different live chat time outside of these hours, you can email: studentsupport@manchester.ac.uk. 


Nightmail is a confidential email listening and information service run by Greater Manchester Nightline. Nightmail is staffed by trained student volunteers with an understanding of the student perspective. The email service is still up and running, and an instant messaging service is now available from 8pm to 2am and can be reached by visiting Greater Manchester Nightline.

Email: nightmail@manchester.nightline.ac.uk

For more in-depth information, support and guidance on online assessments and exams, head over to our exams support page.

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