Social Responsibility

Learn more about social justice at the University

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The University of Manchester is committed to social responsibility and making a difference to communities through our teaching, research and public events. We are a unique institution in British higher education as we have social responsibility as one of our core goals, sitting equally alongside other commitments. 

This also means we want to ensure students have opportunities to make a difference in the world. Through your studies and practical application. 

One of these opportunities is through learning about social justice with our Social Justice Challenge online module, and being able to raise awareness on issues you care about through the Social Justice Photography Competition. 

Social justice is fairness as it manifests in society – fairness around healthcare, housing, equal rights and more. As the pandemic has shown, although progress may have been made in some areas there are still many inequalities both around the world and in the UK. 

If you’re interested in social causes or want to find out more, this module gives you the chance to research this area more and challenges you to think about how you can tackle injustice in society. 

It introduces you to ways of thinking about fairness in society and invites you to explore themes like; race, migration, homelessness, and higher education. The challenge includes input from academics from across all faculties at the University allowing you to consider issues from a truly multidisciplinary perspective. The module is available online via Blackboard for you to complete in your own time. 

Social Justice Challenge

If you already have a social cause you’d like to raise awareness of,  entries for the Social Justice Photography Competition are still open. The competition runs annually and is a way of bringing to light different social justice issues to the wider University community. Entries close on Friday 5 March. 

Find out more about how to enter.

Finally you can also see what the University is doing to support social responsibility in other areas, such as research and engagement with the community.