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New face coverings being made available on campus

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Enhanced protection with surgical face coverings

Our University has secured a supply of surgical face coverings which we are making available from building entrances from 8 March.

The face coverings offer enhanced protection from COVID-19 and should be worn in preference to other types of face covering when inside buildings on campus. They will be available from receptions in open buildings for the next few weeks.

The coverings are designed for extended use but should be disposed of if they become damaged, damp or contaminated.

Please continue to observe social distancing rules inside and outside and when travelling to campus. 

If you are working or studying on campus, then free twice-weekly testing is available and strongly recommended. 

If you test positive or need to self-isolate then please follow government advice and also let us know through our form, so that support can be provided.

Further information about the safety measure in place on campus is available on our website.

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