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Reminder: Never, ever share your password with anyone

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The University has been receiving reports of students being approached in person and asked for their University IT username and password. This is a reminder that your password is yours alone, and you should not share it with anyone, whether in person, over the phone, or online.

Staff in IT Services, Campus Security, your academic school or any other department will not ask you for your password; there is no legitimate reason for anyone else to know it.

If someone gets hold of your password, they may be able to access your emails, documents and online learning resources, and may be able to delete your files or send malicious emails from your account.

If you have told anyone else your password, you must change it immediately. The only location you should use to change your password is the IT Account Manager, which you can access via or

If you receive any ‘phishing’ emails asking for your password, please report them to IT Services.

24/7 phone lines for urgent queries:

  • IT Support Centre: 0161 306 5544
  • Campus Security: 0161 306 9966
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