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On campus? Get tested regularly to help keep our community safe and our campus open

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Updated 21 July: Our campus COVID-19 testing centres will be closing from 23 July, but you can still get regular rapid lateral flow tests at multiple locations across Manchester. Visit the City Council website to find out more.

Regular testing for COVID-19 is free to all staff and students whilst on campus.

As more staff and students begin returning to campus, it’s important that everyone using on-campus facilities gets tested twice weekly at our free COVID-19 testing centres.

Who should get tested?

  • All staff and students who use on campus facilities (such as the Library or study spaces), attend in-person teaching activities or live in halls of residence
  • This testing is for those who don’t have symptoms (or who are self-isolating) – even if you don’t feel ill, you may still have COVID-19 and pass it on without realising. If you do have symptoms, you should instead get a free test through the NHS.

How do I get tested?

  • You should book testing slots online in advance.
  • You can choose to attend our testing centres in either Fallowfield or main campus. They are open 9am-1pm Monday to Friday, so you can arrange testing around your other commitments.

When should I get tested?

  • You should get tested twice a week for the whole period you are using campus facilities, attending in-person teaching or living in halls.

Why should I get tested?

  • Getting regular tests, and following the rules should you test positive, is a key part of protecting everyone in our community from the spread of COVID-19. Like physical distancing, face-covering and hand-washing, testing is another vital measure in stopping the spread of COVID-19 – and we thank everyone for taking part.  
  • If our students and staff all get tested regularly, this will help keep in-person teaching and services open and minimise any disruption from infections or potential exposure.
  • If infection and exposure rates stay low this will also help more students return to campus, as the government can continue easing lockdown measures safely.

What does the test involve?

  • The test should only take 5-10 minutes.
  • The test will take place in a private cubicle. A testing helper will guide you to swab your own throat and nose – if you cannot do this yourself then assistance will be available. The testing helper will also explain when and how you’ll receive your result.
  • See further information about what to expect.

What should I do if I test positive?

Currently, about 0.6% of people in the UK who are tested for COVID get a positive result.

If you do test positive and have to self-isolate, there is support available. This includes:

  • Delivered meals if you live in catered University accommodation
  • Access to special food delivery services if you live in self-catered accommodation
  • 24-hour mental health and wellbeing support helpline
  • Living Cost Support Fund for students facing financial hardship as a result of COVID or other circumstances
  • You may also be eligible for the government’s Test and Trace Support Payment scheme
  • Your School will help you access on-campus teaching remotely wherever possible, to minimise disruption to your studies. If your studies or assessments are significantly disrupted, our new Assessment Pledge will support you – this allows any student to request up to two automatic extensions on their assignments, and simplifies the process to apply for mitigating circumstances.

What if I’m not on campus?

  • If you’re not already on campus, you should get tested through NHS Test and Trace before you return to campus for the first time. You should only return to campus once advised to do so by your programme team.

Where can I get more information?

Our return to campus is a collective effort, and as always we thank everyone in our community for doing their part. Every student and staff member who gets tested is helping stop the spread of COVID and keep our teaching and facilities open. We really appreciate you taking part and doing everything you can to keep our community safe.

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