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Keep ‘doing your bit’ for the community

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Changes to the lockdown rules from Monday, 29 March mean that outdoor gatherings (including in private gardens) of either six people or two complete households will be allowed. We understand that people will want to head to parks and outdoor spaces – especially those that don’t have access to a garden. 

We expect that our students will respect the community they live in, and we know that the majority make a significant and positive contribution to the local communities where they live. 

However, we have been made aware of recent behaviour in our community, including reports of large gatherings, significant littering and apparent disregard for the rules at Platt Fields Park which has resulted in the park being left in an unacceptable state. 

We all have a responsibility to ensure that our behaviour does not have an adverse impact on our neighbours; both long-term residents and other students. That includes clearing up after ourselves if using public spaces like parks and taking rubbish home if public bins are already full. Littering is not only unsightly for those enjoying the park, but has also caused real damage to the wildlife that lives there. 

As a community over the last year, we’ve all come so far and given so much, and by continuing to respect the guidelines and caring for your fellow neighbours and local environment, you are doing your bit to ensure our road out of lockdown is as smooth as possible.

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