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Build up your skills this summer

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While there are still a lot of uncertainties about what the next few months will look like, and we patiently wait to see if the government roadmap of re-opening will continue as planned, its still hard for anyone to be making concrete plans.

So while you’re waiting to see if going out and being social, or international travel will be allowed it might be worth thinking about how you can use some of the summer months to do some of the things that haven’t been possible over lockdown. Without the pressure of timetables and assignments the summer gives you the space to think about trying out new things and gaining experience, while developing your skills.

Work experience

Summer offers ample opportunity to gain some valuable work experience for the future, while also providing you with an additional income. Although summer work abroad might be off the table this year there’s still plenty of opportunities on offer. Whether its a structured placement, virtual internship, short term seasonal work or a part-time job, any work experience over the summer will be valuable to your development.

You can get a taster of what different industries are like, see what types of roles are out there and gain an understanding of different working environments. You’ll get an insight what skills and attributes employers are looking for and recognise your strengths. This will all come in handy in the future when you come to applying for graduate roles.

To see what roles are currently being advertised exclusively to University of Manchester students visit CareersConnect.


Volunteering is another great way to build up skills but also has the added benefit of giving something back. Whether you volunteer on a regular basis or at one-off events, volunteering helps you develop skills such as communication, team work, and problem solving.

It’s also a great way to meet new people, and give you the chance to make a difference to the community. The past year really curbed students ability to get involved with various charities and fund-raising activities. Over the summer, as things start to open up again why not look for opportunities that enable you to give something back and meet people with similar interests at the same time.

To find out more about the different types of volunteering and what opportunities are currently available visit the volunteering website.

We’ve also got some local volunteering projects coming up at the beginning of June if you want to try out some one day volunteering sessions. Find out more about Volunteer Days.

Learn something new

One positive thing that came out of the pandemic last year was the amount of online courses that became available. While in lockdown people had time to learn new things, or start new hobbies. As we move out of lockdown this is definitely a trend that will be great to keep going, taking the time for yourself to do something you really love. Whether that’s taking up or continuing with a new hobby, learning something new with a free online course, you can use the summer to explore your passions.

Take some time for you

Finally the most important think to remember over the summer holidays it to have a well earned break. This year has been difficult for everyone, so make sure you take time to take some time off to rest, recharge and have fun. You’ve earned it.

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