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How to stay safe while celebrating the end of exams

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You did it! Whether you’ve already finished your exams or still have one to go, this time of year is all about celebrating your accomplishments. Remember to be kind to yourself during this period by finding the time to unwind and de-stress. Getting through exam season is an immense achievement and there are plenty of ways you can safely celebrate in the current climate.

  • Visit friends and family in gardens and other outside spaces. Current government guidance allows you to meet outdoors in groups of 30, so if you’ve been stuck in Manchester throughout lockdown, make the most of this time to visit your family back home. Keep up to date on COVID-19 guidance and local restrictions on the government website.
  • Go to the pub or out for a nice meal. The hospitality industry is welcoming us back with (socially distanced) open arms. Book a table at your favourite bar or try somewhere new – Manchester caters for all. Make sure to stay safe by wearing a mask when you’re up and about, get regularly tested, social distance and stay outside where possible.
  • Have a picnic in the park with your course mates. This is a great idea for when the weather is a little kinder. Grab a picnic blanket, your favourite snacks and a bottle of fizz and head to any of Manchester’s green spaces. Always be considerate of the environment and our local community – don’t leave a trail of litter behind you and be mindful of your neighbours.
  • Take a tour of Manchester. As the year comes to an end and many of you are returning home soon, make the most of your last few weeks in the city by exploring places you may not have visited before. For some, this may even be your last few months in Manchester, so take some time to explore and have fun! See what’s on in Manchester and our student content writer’s post-lockdown wishlist for some inspiration.
  • Give yourself some me-time to relax. The end of exams is the perfect excuse for some serious self-care; face masks, hobbies, hot baths, and movie nights. This can look different for everybody but make sure to give yourself some alone-time to destress after the past few weeks.
  • Make plans for the summer. The uncertainty of changes in restrictions and the current miserable weather means you may find it better to wait until summer to properly celebrate the end of exams. Consider booking a stay-cation for a few months’ time when you may feel more confident visiting other places in the UK. This is the perfect way to give yourself something to look forward to if you’re feeling uneasy about celebrating right away.
  • Have a photoshoot around campus. Whether you’ve handed in your dissertation or just completed first year, make sure to commemorate your time with us with a picture of you and your friends in front of one of our prestigious buildings and landmarks. Tag @officialuom for a chance to be featured on our social media!

If you’re planning on going out, please remember: plan your journey home beforehand, look out for each other when you’ve had a few drinks and make sure you travel home with friends. Make use of our safety tips, resources and safe spaces both on campus and around the city.

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