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Meet your new SU Officer Team

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Your new SU Executive Officers will start in their roles on 3 August.

In March, you had your say and voted for your new Executive Officer team. The Students’ Union is led by eight, annually elected Officers, and the elections were a chance for you to have your say and decide your student leaders for 2021/22.

From 3rd August, your new Officers will be settling into their roles at the SU, bringing with them new projects, priorities and plans to make the next academic year the best one yet. There’ll be on hand to support you, raise your voices, and amplify your student life.

Your new SU leadership will be chaired by Melody Stephen as General Secretary. She is joined by Camila Rusailh as Activities and Development Officer, Joana Korley as International Officer, Emily Bennett as Liberation and Access Officer, Fritha Heaven as Welfare and Community Officer, Jas Taylor as Women’s Officer, Miguel Gonzalez-Valdes Tejero as Education Officer and Julia Gerda Sokk as Postgraduate Officer.

Your new Officers will each represent you in a different area of university life and drive the change you want to see. They are there to advocate for you and amplify your voice to make your time at university the best it can be.

Change is coming! To find out more about your new Officers, their work, and how you can have your say, follow the Students’ Union on social media – Instagram (@manchester_su), Twitter and Facebook (@ManchesterSU) – or head to the Students’ Union website.