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Issues with Course Unit Selection

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We know this is a very important activity for many students at this time but, unfortunately, an issue has been discovered within Course Unit Selection in Campus Solutions at present. This appears to be a short term “bug” and there is a workaround for it which should enable students to successfully complete Course Unit Selection over the next few days (and we realise that many students are due to do this).

The Student Center has two different components which it uses for Student Enrolment, there is one which is linked to via ‘Enroll’ on the lefthand side of the page, and another which is linked to via ‘Search for Classes’ on the right hand side of the page. It is the ‘Enroll’ component which is the frequently advised route to follow but which is currently experiencing some form a bug when you try to use it for class search. This bug is still being investigated but, as a workaround, students can search for classes via the link on the righthand side of the Student Centre, and this should allow you to search for and select classes without getting the error message which has been appearing.

Apologies for this issue and please contact your Faculty/School/Department/Division if you do have any other issues around this. We will aim to be in touch again once the issue has been resolved although the workaround should work in the meantime.