Manchester Off-campus living Safety Support

Staying safe on campus and around the city

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We understand that for many of you, coming to university offers greater freedoms; your time should be spent making memories, exploring your passions and discovering what the city has to offer. We want all of our students to have responsible fun in Manchester, but to be safe, as your health and safety is our top priority. So, whether this is your first time on campus or you’re returning from the summer break, here’s a quick reminder of some of the safety measures we have in place as well as ways you can stay mindful if you’re out in the city.


You can quickly call security in an emergency and request first aid through the SafeZone app. Designed to help you feel secure when on campus, in your accommodation or around the city, we urge you to download the app if you haven’t already done so before your arrival to campus so that you’re equipped to access support in an emergency.

Pre-plan your route home

Always pre-plan where you’re going with friends and the route you’ll take, and then travel with them if you can – it’s always much more fun that way anyway! When getting a taxi, make sure you wait in a safe place and check the driver’s ID before you get in. Do not flag down private taxis unless you have pre-booked them.

If you do decide to walk, stick to main roads and avoid poorly lit areas and shortcuts.

Whether you’re on a night out, working late at the library or at a friend’s house, make sure someone knows where you are and when you’ll be back.

Safe Taxi Scheme

The Students’ Union Safe Taxi Scheme means that if you run out of cash and need to get home, you can give StreetCars Taxis your student card in lieu of payment, and pay the following day when you collect your card from the Students’ Union Helpdesk.

All StreetCars are either silver or white and have yellow stickers with the name of the company printed in black. StreetCars taxis are also GPS tracked, so via the app, you can see exactly how far away your driver is.

To book, call StreetCars on 0161 228 7878 and quote ‘Manchester SU Safe Taxi Scheme’ with your full name and Student ID number.

Watch your drinks on nights out

There has been a rise in cases of drink spiking in recent weeks so it’s crucial to stay vigilant, no matter where you are or who you’re with. Keep an eye on your drink at all times and make sure to not leave it unattended at any point in the night. You should also always be cautious when accepting drinks from strangers, especially if you didn’t see it being made, and be mindful of any changes in the way your drink looks, tastes or smells.

The University has a zero-tolerance policy and takes reports of drink spiking extremely seriously: we are here to offer support to anyone who has been put in a dangerous situation. We work closely with Greater Manchester Police and will help you through the reporting process, ensuring you’re connected to our specially-trained counsellors. We will always listen to you and take you seriously, and as a university we are dedicated to proactively tackling problems of drink spiking, sexual violence and harassment right at the source.

The Campus Security Team are on hand 24/7 to support you: your safety is everybody’s top priority. To report any on-campus incidents, contact the Security Control Room on 0161 306 9966.


You can access support for all aspects of your life in Halls from your onsite ResLife Team. They are on hand to give day-to-day advice and help with any issues you may encounter in your accommodation. We want you to feel safe and supported wherever you are on campus and we’re committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone. However, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in your accommodation, your Reslife Team are there to help as a first point of contact and if necessary, will point you in the right direction to access further support.

How to report an incident

If you are in immediate danger, or if you or someone you know requires medical attention, call 999.

You can make anonymous reports or get support from an advisor with our Report and Support platform. Our service is there for you and will help you with anything from personal support to making a formal complaint or police report.

Visit our student support website for more on personal safety and a list of resources.