Advice for managing emotions on move-in day

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Moving to university is a massive step in anyone’s life, and so it’s perfectly normal to feel a complete mixture of emotions.

Feelings of anxiety are more common than you might think – after all, moving to another city or country is a big change for anyone! To help ease the overwhelming emotions that move-in day can bring, I have put together my top tips for coping with the big day…

Don’t feel guilty about being upset

Negative feelings about moving away from home may seem a little strange at first, especially if you were really excited about starting university. But remember that these feelings can stem from a range of worries; from feeling homesick, anxious about meeting new people or being nervous about starting your university course.

You are almost guaranteed to absolutely love the university experience, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t feel low on occasions. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself by feeling guilty or embarrassed as it’s highly likely that the people around you are going through the exact same thing!

Get talking to your new housemates

It’s important to tell your new friends about how you’re feeling. Remember you are not the only one moving into a new area and it can be comforting to hear how others are feeling. Opening up to your flatmates will also help cement your friendships and enable you to support each other through a life changing experience.

Explore the surrounding area

Whilst you might want to get stuck into unpacking and organising your room, it’s important to avoid overwhelming yourself. Make the move-in day a positive experience and leave the unpacking to a later date when you’re feeling more settled. Instead, get outside and make your new city a familiar place. If you need some inspiration, take a look at this list of 100 things to do in Manchester.

Pack some home comforts

Packing your favourite things can give your room a much-needed personal touch. As grown up as you may feel, there is still a place for your favourite cuddly toy or cosy blanket in your new pad.

Make plans back at home

Having something to look forward to back home might help with the move, especially if you’re feeling isolated. If you’re able to, put some get-togethers with friends and family in your diary before you leave so that you know a trip back home is in the near future. If for whatever reason you’re not able to travel home, schedule in a zoom call with friends – we’re all accustomed to virtual quizzes by now!

Remember why you are there

Remind yourself of the reasons that you decided to go to university and try to remember all the research and preparation you did to find the perfect university, course, and accommodation. This should help when you are pondering over whether you made the right decision about moving away from home.

If you’ve tried my tips but find you’re still struggling, it’s important to seek out some extra support. The university offers an excellent counselling service to help students with any worries or concerns they have during their time at university, including moving away from home.

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