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Resources to support your transition to PGT

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As you prepare to start your new course we wanted to reassure you that there is plenty of support to help you get in the swing of things. Whether you want to get a head start or just bookmark these for later a great place to start is My Learning Essentials (MLE). MLE is the Library’s award winning skills programme, designed to support students with their personal development and academic studies.

MLE combines workshops and online resources so you can choose what skills you’d like to develop, and also choose your preferred learning method. You can join an online session on campus, work through an interactive guide in your favourite study space or coffee shop, or listen to a podcast as you get on with your day.

MLE is designed to support all students– but the team have put together a collection of their resources and workshops that might be especially useful to Master’s students.

If you need a bit of support adjusting to your course or re entering education take a look at:

The Big Picture: Achieving your academic goals

Mindset: Change your approach to learning

And to help you manage the step up in academic expectations, there are some really useful online resources. Even if they only serve as a refresher it’s good to feel confident and ready for the challenges ahead!

Start to Finish: Dissertations

Start to Finish Essay Writing

Start to Finish: Referencing:

Group work

Now or Never: Overcoming the procrastination cycle

Being critical: thinking, reading and writing critically

Finding the good stuff: evaluating your sources

Start to Finish: Present like a Pro

Better Safe Than Sorry: Proofreading Your Work

There is also plenty of help with accessing new resources you might need for postgraduate study as well as specific skills. See this guide to Specialist Library Support

Outside of your course, there are resources such as Finding a Job that has been put together with the Careers Service and The Student Guide to Social Media that looks at ways you can utilise Social media during your course!

Of course, these are just the highlights that we thought would be most beneficial to you right now, but you can take a look at the whole suite of resources on the My Learning Essentials website.