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Join us for the Volunteering and Social Justice Week 2021

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Want to make a difference to the world, or looking to get involved with the local community? Then add the Volunteering and Social Justice Week (Monday 11 – 15 October) to your calendar! This is your chance to give back, make new friends, and show commitment to a cause you care about. Please register on Volunteer Hub in advance to make the most out this jam-packed week:

Monday 11 – 15 October

Meet organisations online & face-to-face

Across the week, you’ll have the opportunity to meet organisations who are looking for student volunteers! From talks on international volunteering to sessions on Stellify and volunteering remotely, we have tons of activities to help get you started with volunteering. View the full schedule here.

Tuesday 12 & 13 October

Volunteering & Social Justice Fair, Whitworth Hall, 11am-3pm

The in-person annual fair will be taking place as part of the celebrations on 12 & 13 October at Whitworth Hall (11am-3pm), where you can meet over 70 different organisations face-to-face from a wide range of sectors including cultural, environmental, health, sport and social inclusion, both from the wider community and within the University and Students’ Union. Each organisation provides a different way for you to get involved in the Manchester community and allows you to meet new people and help tackle important issues.

Not only are you helping shape society, you’ll develop lots of new skills to add to your CV. Volunteering is a great way to enhance your University experience, helping you build up your ‘softer skills’ such as team work, communication skills, problem solving, time management and critical thinking: all things that future employers will look for in applicants.

During the week, you will also have the chance to find out more about the Ethical Grand Challenges, including the Social Justice Challenge, the Workplace Ethics Challenge, and the roles that count towards ‘Step Up and Lead’. All of these opportunities are designed to help you achieve Stellify Award.

You can find out more about the Volunteering & Social Justice Week here, and join the Facebook event to keep up to date with latest news and information.

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