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Could Postgraduate study be for you? Find out at the virtual Masters open week

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As you head into the last leg of your final year, chances are you’ll have started to think about what comes next. If you’re unsure about a ‘careers’ following graduation and aren’t excited by the prospect of a 9-5 just yet then further study might be for you. In fact around 20 per cent of undergraduates go on to further study.

And to help you explore your options, we’re holding virtual Masters open week from the 18th October where you can find out more about specific courses, postgraduate study in general and chat to students and alumni.

Things to think about…

And, if postgraduate study isn’t something you’ve seriously thought about before here are some of the reasons graduates go onto further study:

  • You absolutely love the subject you have been studying at undergraduate level. You still have a passion for it and feel you still have the enthusiasm and commitment for further study. Undertaking specific research during a dissertation or project will allow you to become an authority on your chosen subject, and it’s a real achievement when you see your completed dissertation or thesis.
  • Furthering or enhancing your career prospects. There is a word of caution attached to this school of thought. Whilst academic ability is one of the skills a graduate employer will be looking for, you will need to be able to to articulate all the additional skills your extra studies have given you.
  • That said, postgraduate study is a prerequisite for some jobs (for example, postgraduate conversion courses can enable you to enter a profession you have not studied at an undergraduate level) and can be desirable in others. If this is your primary reason for thinking about further study, you might want to discuss your thoughts further with a careers advisor and do some research on your chosen field.
  • You’re looking for a change of direction. So you are passionate about a subject – just not exactly the one you’re doing?  Many postgraduate courses accept people from a range of related academic backgrounds, so don’t necessarily be put off by your undergrad course. Also some postgraduate courses can act as conversion courses if you want to enter a different job sector, but make sure you do your research about which courses employers are looking for.

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