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My favourite vegan eateries in Manchester

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I have been following a vegan diet for two and a half years now and during that time have had my fair share of awkward restaurant moments. Fortunately, over the years, the number of vegan options in Manchester has dramatically improved. Long gone are the days of carefully picking cheese out of your vegetarian burger or ordering copious amounts of vegetable side dishes to curate your own main course.

Year on year, it is clear that plant-based eating is on the rise, and lucky for us the restaurant scene has stayed along for the ride. This blog will detail my favourite eateries in and around Manchester that go above and beyond for their plant-based customers.

Food on the go

1. Wholesome Junkies

A place that blows apart the myth that vegan food is rabbit food. Wholesome Junkies offers a delicious menu full of plant-based junk food alternatives which are sure to leave your wanting more.

2. Vegan Shack

Think of a plant-based version of your favourite fast-food restaurants combined- aka everything you could possible want made entirely from plants. Vegan Shack is the future of fast food and is guaranteed to satisfy your junk food cravings.

3. Go Falafel

Their menus are comprised of only the best seasonal vegetables and salads; perfect for a healthy vegan snack on the go.

Fine dining experiences

1. Six By Nico

Prepare yourself for the ultimate fine dining experience with 6-courses of pure plant indulgence with the fully plant-based set menu. Chef Nico Simeone creates themed tasting menus, with wines to compliment, which are sure to send your taste buds into overdrive.

2. The Allotment

If you are looking for a more casual fine dining experience, this Micheline Guide restaurant is sure to deliver. Matthew Nutter, an award-winning chef, has curated a

selection of tasting menus that are available in 5 or 10 courses. He has even recently introduced brunch options for weekend diners.

3. The Walled Gardens

This underground restaurant is a unique culinary experience from the award-winning chef, Eddie Shepherd. A modern plant-based tasting menu is served in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Cooking for just 8 diners per night, Eddie serves a delicious high-end menu with informality and genuine hospitality.

Sweet treats

1. Ice Shack

As the North’s first all-vegan desserts parlour, Ice Shack gives customers the opportunity to tuck into the most decadent desserts. Whether you choose to sit in or take away, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your sugary cravings.

2. Freaky Shakes

Freaky shakes offer a wide variety of delicious plant-based desserts including their extensive range of artisan handmade ice creams and locally sourced cakes. They even have a mini non soy selection, to ensure that all dietary requirements are catered for.

International cuisine

1. V-REV

Bringing the vest best aspects from an American diner in a 100% vegan way, R Rev offers a range of plant-based dishes, original cocktails, milkshakes, and craft beers. The original premises acted as a record shop and vegan grocery store, before transitioning to a vegan restaurant, which is still reflected in its quirky vintage interior.

2. Lotus Plant Based Kitchen

A fully-plant based vegan Chinese café that has sourced vegan alternatives used in traditional Chinese and Asian dishes.

3. Four Side Vegan Pizza

Highly praised for its innovative menu, Four Side Vegan Pizza has an eclectic range of unique and adventurous flavours.

Food & Entertainment

1. Sandbar

This laid back and friendly pub offers students the chance to tuck into hearty plant-based pizzas and specialty ales with an unparalleled buzzing atmosphere. Sandbar is also a great advocate for sustainability and regularly reviews its environment impact with the aim of continuingly improving it.

2. The Thirsty Scholar

This space is used as a vegan café, serving breakfast and lunch, during the day and as a live event venue during the night. The Thirsty Scholar does free entry for all the events including live music, comedy evenings, and poetry nights.

3. Fuel Café and Bar

Famous for its ‘quiz and chips’ nights and affordability, this café is popular amongst those students wanting a relaxing place to handout. It is a real embodiment of Manchester’s independent café scene and even hosts the odd live music event.

4. Speak In Code

Acting as a café during the day and an award-winning cocktail bar during the night, Speak In Code offers customers a curated menu of small vegan plates that they can enjoy whilst listing to a relaxing soundtrack of music.


1. Veggie Pret

The vegetarian version of Pret a Manger is the perfect place for a leisurely catch-up with friends over an oat milk latte and vegan pastry.

2. Eighth Day Co-op Café

Known as the veggie institute of Manchester, this café offers more than just a place to catch-up over coffee. Upstairs, you will find a veggie and vegan shop selling a whole host of pantry items and fresh produce. Downstairs, the basement café serves a variety of vegan favourites including curries, nourish bowls, burgers, and snacks.

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