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Recycling single-use face masks

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From Monday, 1 November, you will be able to recycle your single-use face masks in specially-marked bins across campus.

Since the pandemic we have seen necessary increases in some plastic usage across the Estate in order to protect our staff and students. Those recently returning to campus are being encouraged to continue to wear face masks. In line with the University’s commitment to eliminating avoidable single-use plastic, we would in the first instance encourage staff and students to wear a re-useable fabric face mask which can be kept and used repeatedly.

However, in the instances where single use face masks are used, rather than send unnecessary plastics for disposal, the University has set up single-use face mask recycling collection points across the campus, in partnership with ReWorked.

The current PPE disposal bins in most academic buildings on main campus are being repurposed into collection/recycling points for single use/disposable facemasks.

Image of recycling bin

These will be emptied by staff in House Services and the masks are then collected by ReWorked and will be repurposed in to Stormboards, durable plastic boards for use in construction, shopfitting, joinery and much more. See how we recycle PPE (Covid masks, gloves, visors etc.).

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