It’s World Kindness Day 2021!

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This Saturday, it’s World Kindness Day – a day to celebrate the importance of being kind and to be inspired to do something nice that you wouldn’t normally do. You could be kind to someone else, kind to the planet or even just kind to yourself.

Small acts of kindness in our everyday actions creates a ripple effect throughout our community, helping to build a positive campus where kindness is the norm.

The Science of Kindness

Big or small, actions to improve the lives of others helps improve our own. So, why not take the time to do something kind?

Be kind to others

Tell a friend exactly what makes them great – just because!  You don’t need an excuse to remind someone why they’re awesome or do something nice for them.  Give someone a compliment, cook friends or family a meal, or surprise someone with a nice gift. It will make their day, and yours too.

Be kind to the environment

There’s so many ways you can help and do your bit to be kinder to the planet. You could help pick up some litter in your neighbourhood, shop at a zero waste supermarket or use a reusable water bottle – just small changes like this make a real difference!

Be kind to your body

We get it. The winter blues might have hit, you’re craving warm, stodgy food, and the constant rain isn’t igniting your enthusiasm for exercise. But being kind to your body has a big impact on the way you feel, so try going out for a walk when the clouds clear, take up an indoor exercise class, or batch cook some veggie winter warmers to be kind to your insides this November.

Be kind to you

Everyone deserves a bit of a treat every now and then, so be kind to yourself and take some well-deserved me time by having a bubble bath,  or even just dedicating a few hours to yourself to relax in front of the tv.

As part of our six ways to wellbeing campaign, November and December are focussing on ‘Give’ – whether that’s giving your time to volunteer, giving back to someone in need, or even just giving someone a compliment. Look out for more acts of kindness over the next few weeks, and start thinking of ways you can give today!

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