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Keep your IT account safe

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As a student, your IT account is incredibly valuable. It allows you to access your University systems, and should always be private. Here are just a few housekeeping tips to keep in mind, and a reminder of how to stay safe while using your IT account.

Nobody else has any reason to know your password. 

Sharing your password means your information could get stolen, your data deleted or changed, and your email account could be used to send malicious emails.

Use different passwords on different websites and services. If you have accounts on many different services, consider using a password manager if you’re have trouble remembering them all. Read reviews on legitimate websites to see which one works for you. (or is the only website you can use to change your University IT account’s password.

If you ever have even the smallest doubt that an email or website is legitimate, do not enter your password or any other personal details; instead, contact your course lecturer, supervisor, school support office or IT Services.

Stay cautious of scam websites and phishing emails

The University blocks the vast majority of scam (‘phishing’) emails without you ever being aware of them, but sophisticated campaigns targeted specifically at our University may be able to get through. The start of the academic year, Black Friday and Christmas are times when this is more likely to happen as we’re on the hunt for the best bargains – so stay vigilant this Holiday season.

If you receive an offer specifically targeted at students from an address you’re unfamiliar with, don’t click the link; instead, check on My Manchester News, the Students’ Union website,, or directly with the manufacturer or provider of the service, to see if this is legitimate. Official partnerships to provide discounts or vouchers to students will always be advertised on their websites. 

What to do in an emergency

If you realise that you’ve given your University IT account details to a scam website, change your password immediately via Similarly, change your password on any other websites you think may be affected. 

Report all scam/phishing emails – even if you’re unsure – to IT Services.

If your IT account is locked for any reason, you can only unlock it by contacting our IT Support Centre directly; you’ll never be asked to unlock your account by clicking a link in an email.

Remember: IT Services will never send warnings telling you to click a link to stop your IT account from expiring. Your IT account will automatically stay open for as long as you’re at the University.

Further support

Learn more about cyber security or access 24/7 help and support from the University’s IT Support Centre.