Holidays Student-made

Unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When it comes to Christmas as a student, it can be a financially difficult time of year. Finances are already stretched and then you have the added pressure of finding that perfect gift for friends and family. This year, commit to giving with more intentionality; gifts that truly do celebrate the person. It’s the thought that counts after all!

1. A day out together

Having experiences to look forward to is one of the greatest joys of life. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate experience day; something as simple as a coffee date can be an effective way to prioritise spending quality time together over the festive period.

2. A scrapbook or video of memories

Take some time to collate photographs from poignant times in your relationship and create a scrap book or video montage of your favourite moments.

3. Service tokens

This gift is for someone who has an endless list of daily jobs they struggle to complete. Create tokens for mowing their lawn, cleaning their house, or even cooking a meal. Running errands can be a huge help and a very well received gift.

4. A personalised hamper

Collect a variety of things that they love – their favourite drink, an assortment of their favourite snacks, or a movie they would enjoy. Keep it simple and picture them enjoying a night to themselves.

5. Homemade versions of their favourite baked goods

If you love to bake, a nice box of homemade goodies is always a great present to receive. To make it extra personal, think about their favourite sweet treat and recreate it in your own special way.

6. A book signed by their favourite author

Books are wonderful gifts for any avid readers and having it signed by the author can add that touch of personalisation which every present needs. Get in touch with the author after purchasing their book and enquire about whether it would be possible to receive a note which could be inserted into the book before gifting.

7. Homemade candles in their favourite scent

Homemade candles scream thoughtfulness, especially if they are curated in their favourite scent. It’s not difficult to create your own candle, and The Spruce Crafts give you a great recipe for success.

8. Healing crystals to help them through a difficult time

A great present for someone who might need some calm in their life, or someone who is struggling with their health. There is a healing crystal for everyone, you just need to find the right one for them.

9. Planting a tree in their name

With sustainability on the forefront of everyone’s mind, this could be a lovely way to play homage to the current push for action. For just £1 you can plant a tree to help sequester carbon dioxide in the future.

10. Donating to a charity that they support

The most important aspect of giving their type of gift is to find a charity that is meaningful for the recipient. Consider the individuals past volunteering history, think about what they have talked about being passionate about, and think about issues that have personally impacted them or their loved ones.

11. Personalised stationary

Most people love high quality journals, notebooks, and writing equipment. Go that extra mile and get them personalised with their name or initials on.

12. A gift card for their favourite coffee shop

This is a great gift for someone who regularly visits a coffee shop on their lunch break for a much-needed caffeine fix. This way, coffee is on your for a couple of weeks.

13. Hobby supplies

Buying tools for someone is a great way to show you are buying with intent; I know I always greatly appreciate receiving new art supplies.

14. Personalised star maps

Some moments are worth remembering, whether it is a date of birth, an anniversary of marriage, or just a notable occasion. A custom star map is a detailed map of the sky as it looks from anywhere on earth in either the past, present, or future.

15. Custom novelty underwear

Everyone has received a pack of underwhelming underwear for Christmas. Well, this year, why not change the narrative and customise a set of socks or pants with their favourite furry friend or other half.

Whatever you choose to gift this Christmas, keep is personal and you can’t go far wrong!