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Keeping our campus, community and you safe: how you can continue to do your bit over the festive break.

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COVID-19 is still here, and we need to continue to do everything we can to keep ourselves and others safe.

Get vaccinated

You may have seen government plans to offer booster vaccinations to all adults (aged 18 and over).

Getting both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and your booster when eligible, gives you the best protection against coronavirus. We encourage all students and staff to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

COVID-19 vaccination will reduce the chance of you suffering from COVID-19. Vaccinated people are much more unlikely to get serious COVID-19 or be admitted to hospital, and there is growing evidence that vaccinated people are less likely to pass the virus to others.

You can get more information on getting your vaccine on our COVID-19 vaccination and testing webpage. 


PCR test before you leave and return to campus

We’re asking all students to take a PCR test before leaving for the break, and one before returning. When arranging your test, select the following option: “My local council or health protection team has asked me (or someone I live with) to get a test, even though I do not have symptoms.”

When booking your PCR test at a local testing site, please book the test 3-4 days before you are due to travel. Allow more time if you are booking a home PCR test, so that the kit can be posted to you and sent back.

Book your test

If you have had a positive PCR in the last 90 days through NHS Test and Trace, you don’t need to be tested again.

Lateral flow Test regularly 

We’re still encouraging everyone to keep up with regular testing twice a week about three to four days apart, especially if you’re socialising more.  It is just as important to keep testing as once you are vaccinated you are more likely to be asymptomatic – infection will be harder to identify without testing. 

You can access free, rapid lateral flow tests for yourself and your household to use – testing kits are available from catering outlets on campus or you can order your tests online

From Tuesday 14 December, people who are fully vaccinated and identified as a contact of someone with COVID-19 – whether Omicron or not – should take an NHS rapid lateral flow test every day for 7 days to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Isolate if required

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or test positive, you’re legally required to self-isolate and not come to campus for ten days. Find out more in our self-isolation guidance for students.

Additionally, if you are not fully vaccinated you must self-isolate for 10 days if you are a contact of someone with COVID-19.

Keep wearing face coverings

Not only are face coverings mandatory on campus, but they are a legal requirement in some public spaces including public transport and shops. Please continue to wear your face coverings if you are able to do so.

Stay safe

It is essential that as a community we all do everything we can to reduce the risk of spreading infection and try to keep each other as safe as possible over the festive period: 

  • Stay at home if you are feeling unwell
  • Continue to wash hands and use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Consider limiting social interactions, especially in large groups; not only do you not want to be ill for Christmas, but self isolation rules could ruin any travel plans.
  • If you are going home or away for the break, consider travelling as soon as you can (once you have tested).
  • Let fresh air in if you meet indoors; meet outdoors where you can.
  • Some rules around testing and self-isolating when travelling have changed.  Always keep up to date with the latest government information

Thank you for doing your bit to help keep our community safe. 

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