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COVID-related mitigating circumstances in Semester 2

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Further to our communication last week – Reassuring you about studying with us, in Manchester, we know that an on-going concern for a small number of students who have been studying remotely during Semester 1, is what they will be able to do in Semester 2 if they legitimately cannot come to Manchester due to COVID restrictions at that time (eg: travel restrictions, or because of a pre-existing medical condition).

To further reassure you, the University has a well-established policy concerning mitigating circumstances to manage such cases and we will clarify any additional COVID-related mitigating circumstances outcomes for Semester 2, for a limited number of programmes where dual teaching (both online and in-person) and online assessment can be offered. We will provide a further update on this by 7 January 2022.

In the meantime, if you have already been informed that you have on-campus examinations or assessments in January 2022, you should assume you still need to travel to Manchester as scheduled.

Please only contact us during the holiday period if it is an emergency, as we will have limited ability to respond.

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