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Have your say on teaching and learning: Join the University’s annual review

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Could you help to shape action setting in your faculty for the upcoming year? Join this this years’ annual review and be part of action setting processes that make real change, increase your knowledge of how your University makes decisions, and develop critical skills for the world of work.

What is the Annual Review of Teaching and Learning?

The Annual Review of Teaching and Learning is a day where key staff and students get together to review the last session to ensure that teaching and learning across the university meets or exceeds our expectations for high quality.  We do this by looking at key activity and action plans, policies and procedures we have in place. as well as data generated from things such as the surveys that our students complete. The event works to the following objectives:

  • Emphasise self-review and action planning as central to the session, to have  actions moving forwards that are meaningful to a better student experience and will drive positive change.
  • Ensure teaching and learning policies are complete and effective, whilst identifying any need for further development to support students in their experience
  • Build on the outcome of policies to support teaching and learning – further enhancing your learning experience
  • Listen to voices and contributions from across the University – inviting staff from all faculties, and students too.

This year’s session

In the last session the process was changed to be led by students and the university want to keep this commitment to our students, so this year the session will

  • Be attended by both students and student representatives from across the university, in the same way as staff
  • Co-create solutions with students at the very centre of the conversation
  • Be supported by experienced student facilitators
  • Provide as much opportunity and space as possible for students to contribute their ideas
  • Present the chance for students to be involved in high level processes, alongside staff from across the University.

By the end of the session faculties will have produced a focused action/commitment that will respond to the following key focuses:

  • Improvement of active listening to students
  • Increasing diversity of voice
  • Identifying how the solution/action will be co-created with students

When will I be needed?

The session will be taking place on Thursday 27th January 9:30am – 12:30pm via Zoom and is open to ALL students. You do not have to be a Student Rep to attend, we are looking for a range of student voices to ensure our processes are as inclusive as possible.

Interested students can sign up to attend via this link.

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