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Flexible Learning – what should the future of teaching and learning look like?  

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Use this online form to tell us your views on how blended and flexible learning can enhance your learning

Thank you to everyone who joined our Flexible Learning student workshops. It’s been great to hear your views and ideas and work together with you to explore how we can make the move to more blended and flexible learning a success for you, and our students of the future.  

Whether this shift feels like a big change or not will depend on your subject of study. Some subjects, for example in Humanities, have always been taught using a more blended approach.  

We recognise that some of you may not have been able to take part in the Flexible Learning workshops and are therefore offering an additional opportunity for you to tell us your ideas and suggestions. We’ve created an online form so you can let us know your views on key areas we’re interested in, as we develop our long-term strategy.  

How to let us know your views 

All UG and PGT students are invited to feed in on key strategic questions using free text comments.  

Our key questions are:  

  • Assessments – how can we design inclusive and accessible assessments that prepare you for your future career? 
  • Accessibility and inclusivity – how can we make sure our teaching and learning is inclusive and accessible by design? 
  • Digital skills and training – which digital skills would you like to develop further and how can we best help you gain these? 
  • Technology (software and hardware) – how can technology support your learning? 
  • Space on campus – how should our campus change to offer the right spaces for blended and flexible learning?  
  • Innovation – in what ways could we develop flexible and blended learning to enhance your student experience? 

It’s up to you whether you’d like to feed in on all of these questions, or just the areas most relevant to you. Simply select which topics you’d like to comment on at the start of the form – each section will take around 5 minutes to complete.

The online form will close on 16 February 2022

Access the online form here.

Next steps  

The feedback from this online form and the Flexible Learning student workshops will shape the future Flexible Learning strategy, which will go to Senate for approval in 2022, setting out our future approach to teaching and learning. 

This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and shape the future of our University – we hope you get involved.  

Dan and Steve 

Professor Dan George, Associate Vice-President for Blended and Flexible Learning 

Professor Steve Pettifer, University Academic Lead for Digital Learning 

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