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Climate Hack.AI competition

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The University’s Data Science Society needs your help.

What is Climate Hack.AI?

Climate Hack.AI is a competition between the student communities of 25 of the best universities in the world seeking to make a tangible impact in the fight against climate change.

Our partner and data provider, OpenClimateFix, is a non-profit lab contracted by the UK National Grid Electricity System Operator and uses machine learning to reduce industrial carbon emissions. They have prepared 104GB of EUMETSAT satellite imagery of the UK as training data for the competition.

The Challenge

Your task in teams of 3 or individuals is to predict the next two hours of satellite imagery from the previous hour of satellite imagery. From twelve 128×128-pixel images taken five minutes apart (one hour of data), predict the next two hours of satellite imagery for the smaller central 64×64-pixel region.

Better forecasting of solar electricity generation will enable electricity grid operators around the world to do a better job of scheduling their grids. This, in turn, will reduce carbon emissions by a rough estimate of 100 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030.

Stage 1: Virtual Phase

Commencing Jan 28th

Throughout the virtual phase, any student from one of the 25 universities can submit models trained on the provided dataset. They will be evaluated automatically and ranked on a leaderboard. In the end, 3 participants from each university form a team to compete in the finals.

Stage 2: In-Person Finals

March 24th – 26th

The competition will culminate in 2 simultaneous national finals in the US and UK, with finalists from North America convening in NYC and the finalists from the UK in London. The winners are selected on the final day. We’ll pay for transport, accommodation and carbon footprint.

What you could win

Total prize pool: £50,000

Team prizes: 1st – £30K 2nd – £9K 3rd – £6.75K

Society Prizes: 1st – £2 .5K 2nd – £1K 3rd – £750


The opportunity is open to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students, as well as Postgraduate Researchers. To register to represent The University of Manchester, complete this form.

For more information to get started, visit the Climate Hack.AI website and Discord channel.