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A Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love it or hate it, the 14th February triggers a flood of loving Instagram posts, shelves packed full of heart-shaped everything in the shops and restaurants fully booked with couples every year. However, not everyone has (or wants) someone to spend it with. If that’s the case for you, reclaim Valentine’s Day as an occasion for self-love.

Firstly, check in with yourself

For some, it will be just another day, but for others who may have just gone through a breakup or are feeling a bit lonely in general, Valentine’s Day may be difficult. Ask yourself where you stand and whether you need to make any plans to look after your wellbeing, or whether you’re happy to just carry on with your usual Monday evening. If you think you are really going to struggle, decide how you want to spend the day in advance so it feels a bit less intimidating and you have enough time to make plans. If you want to be around other people on Valentine’s Day, give them some notice.

Practice self-care

Get the facemasks out, pick up some chocolates and stick on your favourite film – it’s time for a pamper evening. This is the perfect time to take a break and unwind in order to prioritise looking after yourself. Other great self-care activities include yoga, going to bed early and even booking yourself a massage, manicure or other treatment you wouldn’t usually get. Going to the gym is also a great way to look after your mind and body if it’s something you enjoy.

Throw a singles party

Got a lot of other single friends with no plans for the evening? Get them all together and celebrate your friendship by hosting a house party or going out clubbing. You could make it Valentine’s Day themed with a red or pink costume theme, relationship-themed drinking-games and cocktails, or plan something a little more casual. Alternatively, plan something like a dinner party or movie night. Yes, Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, but why let that stop you?

Avoid social media

If seeing all the declarations of love, amazingly-planned dates and bunches of roses all over Instagram is going to make you feel upset in any way, take matters into your own hands by deleting Instagram for a few days or muting anyone you really don’t want to come across. This could be friends, exes or celebrities. This may sound slightly extreme, but the reality is that nobody will notice and you will likely feel a lot better. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first.

Eat well

Are your flatmates or housemates all going to be out for the evening? Take advantage of the empty kitchen and cook yourself a really tasty meal without tripping over each other like you usually do. The options are endless, whether you cook a three-course meal from scratch, reheat a ready-meal or even just order a takeaway, treat yourself to some great food. You’ll save money compared to overpriced restaurants and don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas!


In summary, Valentine’s Day is just another Monday evening, and there’s no pressure at all to do anything special or exciting. Whether you do absolutely nothing or plan out the best day of your life, whatever works for you is great.

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