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Protect yourself online with 2-factor authentication 

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IT Services are adding an additional layer of security by introducing 2-factor authentication for all taught students. You will need to register to get setup for this before 9 March 2022.

From Wednesday 9 March 2022, all undergraduate and postgraduate taught students (whether on or off campus) will need to use 2-factor authentication to log in to Blackboard, University email and Microsoft 365. You will need to register for this ahead of the change.  

You’ll have probably come across 2-factor authentication already when shopping online or using online banking. For example, you would log into these services as normal with a username and password and then use a device such as your smartphone to generate another piece of information (for example, a code) that you must enter to verify your identity. 

Using 2-factor authentication helps to protect your data from remote hacks or phishing attacks. 

Our 2-factor authentication service is provided by a company called Duo and is already used by all our staff and postgraduate research students. Duo has shown great success in helping us to stay safe and increasing the University’s digital security. 

Register for 2-factor authentication today   

To get ready to use 2-factor authentication, you will need to:

  • Complete registration with Duo via the IT Account Manager. You should ideally do this on a computer rather than your phone, as you’ll likely need to use your phone when registering. 
  • When registering, you’ll need to choose the device that you’ll use to authenticate your identity with Duo, such as your smartphone. The Duo app does this by sending either a push notification for you to approve or generating a login code to use when logging in to systems. 

If you don’t have a smartphone or need to discuss accessibility requirements for using 2-factor authentication at the University, you should contact the IT Support Centre today to discuss alternative options, in advance of the change. 

You can learn more about 2-factor authentication before registering and read the answers to frequently asked questions on the IT Services website. You can also watch our step-by-step video guide or read our step-by-step instructions on how to set up Duo using the IT Account Manager and your phone. 

You’ll need to register with Duo before Wednesday, 9 March or you won’t be able to access Blackboard, University email or Microsoft 365. 

Help and support 

Contact the IT Support Centre by calling 0161 306 5544 or by raising a ticket in the IT Support Portal. Our telephone line is available 24-7 and you’ll always get to speak to a person. 

In-person IT support is available from Library Digital Support by visiting the customer services desks in the Main Library and Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, and also at the IT support desk in the Kilburn Building.  

If you would like to check the legitimacy of this email, visit the IT Services website

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