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Heart Heroes: Free CPR workshops for students

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A basic knowledge of CPR can save lives…

Heart Heroes are a group of trained student volunteers delivering Basic Life Support (BLS) training including CPR, recovery position and assisting with choking.

They’re offering training on a variety of dates in Semester 2, why not come along?

In the UK, one person suffers a cardiac arrest every three minutes and fewer than 50% of bystanders will attempt CPR. Learning life-saving skills and developing confidence in spotting signs and acting fast will help more people survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Come along to learn:

  • How to perform CPR on an adult
  • How to use an AED
  • How to put an adult in the recovery position
  • How to assist someone who is choking

As well as learning how to save a life, attending a Heart Heroes session can help enhance your skills, support your current volunteering work and show you what’s involved if you are interested in becoming a Heart Hero volunteer in the future. 

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