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How to write essays from home this Easter

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As many of us move back home for the Easter break, it can be difficult to settle into a new routine and workplace right as we have to work towards our deadlines. The familiarly of the University libraries and workspaces can put you in the right mindset for work, so having to leave that can be difficult. However, despite the initial day or so of trying to find somewhere comfortable to work, I manage to generally work better at home. In this blog post, I’m going to give you my tips on how to make a good work environment this Easter.

Tip number one: find your comfort spot.

I know this goes without saying, but the first step is to find somewhere quiet to work. Some people don’t have this luxury at home, and if you don’t, then I recommend going to a local library or a coffee shop that’ll let you stay in for as long as you need. Being somewhere where you aren’t distracted by too much noise or other people is the best way to focus! Speaking of noise, if you don’t have noise-cancelling headphones, I’d definitely invest in some so that you can work through any conditions.

Tip number two: Take breaks!

Everyone says it, but very little people have efficient breaks. Having regular breaks is vital in order to properly concentrate and produce your best work. I know it can be tempting to have a “break” for an hour after doing twenty minutes of work, but please set a timer so you know when you need to go back to your desk. For every hour of work, I have twenty minutes of break so that I don’t feel burnt out, and it doesn’t make me feel desperate for a break later on as I have smaller, frequent breaks.

Tip number three: Scheduling is essential

Alongside scheduling in breaks, generally having a timetable of the work you need to do and the timespan that you have to complete it is fairly common sense to keep a note of. By having a routine in your work and keeping a log of what you’re actually managing to achieve every day, you can plan in advance enough time to complete the work before the deadline. Personally, this makes me feel a lot calmer, because I’m not worrying whether I have to spend sleepless nights closer to the deadline trying to complete it all. Scheduling also makes you stay away from laying in your bed all day when you know you have something to start at 9am!

To all of us struggling with a million deadlines during Easter, I hope my tips are useful and that we can all be productive. Good luck everyone, and try to enjoy your holidays too!

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