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Why Manchester’s food and drink culture is so good for students (and it might not be for the reasons you think!)

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Did you know that Manchester is famous for traditional delicacies such as Black Pudding, Eccles Cake, Parched peas, Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls and Vimto? What a selection!

Manchester’s culture is incredibly rich and attracts many people from all around the world. Whilst Manchester has a great history, tourist attractions and entertainment outlets, one of its biggest attractions is the food scene the city has to offer. Just as you leave the university and head towards South Manchester, you are greeted by the prominent Curry Mile which is not just famous to Mancunians and students but is also recognised and acknowledged throughout the UK. If you head towards the city centre as you come out of the university, you are spoilt for choice as you go along Oxford Road, through to Piccadilly Gardens and head towards the Northern Quarter with such a vast array of independent cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs.

But eating out isn’t just a fun way to explore and broaden your palette, it also brings many opportunities for treasured social time and can alleviate the pressure of university workloads.

With such a large student population, the city and the surrounding areas cater to students almost everywhere you go and all of us should be taking advantage of this! Manchester cafés in particular create inviting spaces for students who are seeking out venues for social time with other friends and or venues that are suitable for quiet and peaceful study time. There are plenty of establishments that cater to both – some at the same time!

Research shows that aside from the proximity to caffeine in cafés and coffee shops, the ambience they give off increases innovation, alertness and therefore the ability to learn and retain more information. Meaning you can successfully complete assignments, essays and exams in these spaces whilst the power of working in groups carries you along. Even if you’re working alone, being in an environment where others are working too can be good for the brain (and this doesn’t just have to be libraries).

Examples of Manchester cafés suitable for studying and socialising in:

  • Chapter One Books in Manchester Piccadilly
  • Oppidan Social in the Northern Quarter
  • North Tea Power in the Northern Quarter
  • Fig and Sparrow in the Northern Quarter
  • Takk coffee house in the Northern Quarter
  • Anchor Coffee House situated in one of the lanes off Oxford Road,
  • Whitworth Gallery Café which is part of Whitworth Gallery and is located in a park for those extra scenic and tranquil vibes.

Not only is it important to find the right environment to complete your studying in but it is also crucial to have down-time and to be able to relax with friends and fellow students. Manchester is filled to the brim with amazing eateries and drinkeries to do so, the selection is simply extraordinary.

My favourite restaurants/bars and cafés to socialise, revitalise and energise in Manchester:

  • Adarna Shawarma on the Curry Mile
  • Pull Up Bar Café in the Northern Quarter
  • Banyan in the Corn Exchange
  • Benugo café on The University of Manchester’s campus
  • Teppanyaki in Chinatown
  • Wagamama in St. Peter’s Square
  • No. 1 Canal Street in the Gay Village
  • The Barlow Croft Pub & Carvery in East Didsbury (just for the carvery though)
  • Lost Cat in the Northern Quarter
  • The Liars Club on Bridge Street between Manchester and Salford
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