Emerging from the pandemic: A reminder of our Assessment Commitments to you

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As the UK is now returning to some degree of normality and the government has removed any remaining COVID restrictions across England; we wanted to take a moment to reassure you of what is in place to support you, in taking your assessments. 

Arrangements for managing COVID are now similar to those for any other illness or common virus. While the wearing of face coverings is no longer mandated by the UK Government, some students and staff may wish to continue doing so. Hand sanitiser continues to be available at key entry points around campus, along with free face coverings. 

If you are feeling too unwell to sit an assessment for any reason, you should submit a mitigating circumstances request as soon as possible and inform your School. Our Assessment Commitments for this academic year, in place to continue to support you as we emerge from the pandemic, allow for a broader range of evidence to be accepted.

We wish you every success in your assessments! 

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