Harm Reduction

Drink and drugs: keeping yourself safe

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Content warning: This email contains references to recreational drug use, the consumption of alcohol and drink spiking.

Finally, exams are ending! If you’ll be out celebrating and plan on drinking or taking drugs, scroll down for some tips to keep you and your mates safe. 

7 ways to celebrate safely

Including looking after your mates, where to pick up anti-spiking tools and test kits, and info on sexual wellbeing.

Test your drugs

The only way to ensure you aren’t harmed from drugs is to avoid using them. If you choose to use drugs anyway, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of harm. 

Find out how to access testing kits, dose more safely, and get help if something goes wrong.

Make your drinking work for you

If you drink, fine-tune your relationship with alcohol – and make sure you make it out after pres.

Why we’re running our first harm reduction campaign

Find out how we developed this campaign with input from current students.

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