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5 Top Tips to Help You Settle into University Life 

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Beginning university can be a large step to take, and if you’re feeling that way you’re not alone! Whether you’re moving away from your hometown or living at home and learning in a new environment, it can all be a bit daunting. Why not take a look at these top tips to help you settle into university life.

  1. Bring what you need

If you can, try not to bring too much and focus on what you need and the comfort items you cannot live without. Check out this guide for tips on what to bring to university- if you’re a light sleeper ear plugs are a must. In the guide there is also a list of pots and pans and other utensils that can help get you started.

A top tip is to bring photographs, plants or anything that reminds you of positive memories to make the transition period smoother. 

If you’re commuting or living at home why not set aside 10 minutes to check that you have all you need for starting lectures such as a laptop, lunchbox, or notebook.

  1. Start early

Try and get to your halls of residence early (as allowed) and get to know your surroundings. In the spare time you have try and figure out where you will wash your clothes, what bus routes you might need to take to university, and get to know your flatmates before the excitement of freshers week begins. 

It’s also important that you register with a GP near to your accommodation so if you become unwell during the duration of your studies you can see a doctor quickly. Check out this NHS webpage to find a GP practice near you.

If you’re not in halls of residence, why not go to the university and check out where your classes are on your timetable. Also remember to look out for group chats/ facebook groups where you can make friends with people on your course and ask each other questions!

  1.  Figure out how you will do your work

Will you be working with a personal laptop or might you need to request a device from the university? Will you be working in computer clusters? Getting yourself used to your device and starting it up in advance will make the transition period smoother and allow you some more time to relax. 

  1. Look at your modules and what the University has to offer

Although it’s the last thing you might want to do before freshers week, taking a quick look at your modules for your semester is a good idea. That way you will know what your lecturers expect of you and you have a heads up of your workload for the semester. 

While you’re online, why not check out all the societies that the Students Union has to offer. There are lots to join, including a vinyl society, and lots of other activities to get involved with. If you’re an international student there is also the International Society to get involved with!

  1. Finally, try and relax

Starting university can feel like a whirlwind with lots going on and not a lot of time to get used to your surroundings. Working towards your degree is a marathon, and not a sprint, so pace yourself and remember the hard work that got you into the university in the first place. Give yourself a break every now and then and do what makes you happy.

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