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Rescheduled Network Downtime: Thursday 4 August

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Upgrade work scheduled for Thursday 21 July was unable to take place, and has therefore been rescheduled for Thursday 4 August, between 7pm and 8.30pm.

An urgent upgrade to University infrastructure in one of our data centres will result in campus-wide network downtime during the above time. The disruption is expected to only be momentary (a few seconds), but could be up to 30 minutes if issues are experienced.

This will affect all services connected to the campus network, including (but not limited to) Wi-Fi and wired network, IT login, GlobalProtect VPN, Duo, University websites, My Manchester, remote access and more.

We recognise that downtime has a significant impact on the operation of our University, not least our staff and students. IT Services has agreed the date and time of this essential work with the University’s Senior Leadership Team to minimise disruption.

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