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Do you live close to The Christie Hospital and own a car? Important information about the Christie Residents Parking Scheme

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Manchester City Council has worked with councillors and residents to expand the existing Christie Residents Parking Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to provide safe and accessible streets for residents and their visitors in an area where parking associated with the Christie Hospital can cause access and road safety concerns. 

The scheme is now live as of 1 August, and any students who use this parking zone will need to apply for a permit. Permits are available for every resident for every vehicle registered at a property in the scheme area – see the website for the list of eligible properties.

  • The scheme restricts parking on certain streets to permit holders only between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Where indicated by road markings and signs, limited waiting bays are provided where non-permit holders may park for up to 3 hours during these times.
  • There is no restriction on parking on private land, driveways or any other off-street locations.
  • The restrictions only apply during the hours 8am-6pm Monday to Friday – therefore in the evening, overnight and at weekends there is no restriction on parking and no requirement for a permit.
  • Should you encounter any issues you cannot resolve, please contact 0161 234 5589 (office hours) or Please note this email is not monitored daily and is not for urgent queries.

What if my car is registered at my family home address?

If this is the case you will not be eligible for a permit. As explained above, all residents are eligible for a permit for any vehicle registered at an address within the scheme.

In this area there are excellent public transport, walking and cycling facilities to the student campus, city centre and further afield. Manchester City Council and the universities are committed to providing safe, reliable and accessible transport to all students to remove the need to have a private vehicle during term time.

I need a vehicle to complete my studies but my vehicle is registered elsewhere. What do I do?

Students who live in the scheme area and who require a vehicle to complete their studies (for example, a student nurse on placement at a remote hospital) can apply for an annual permit free of charge. One permit provides for one student vehicle, valid for the academic year.

Please see the Student Permit page on the scheme website for further information.

What if you do not have access to a computer or are unable to apply online?

You will need to be able to attach scans and/or images of the required documents to apply for permits online. If this is not possible or you cannot apply online for any other reason, staff at Withington Library can provide assistance.

Terms and conditions: what you are responsible for

It is your responsibility to park a vehicle within the restrictions marked on public roads. You must apply for permits and renew them in the future if necessary. You must resubmit proof of vehicle ownership and your address each time you renew your permit. Online permits will be approved within five working days.

If you change your vehicle, you will be able to update your online account, and once approved that information will be updated on the enforcement system instantly.

Further information can be found on the Manchester City Council website.

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