MCEL60091/2 Innovation and Commercialisation of Research

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Are you a PhD student? This researcher training programme might be for you! In this 10-week programme, you will apply entrepreneurial thinking to develop a commercialisation idea based on your own area of research. 

The programme examines the various aspects of the commercialisation of research and is very much project-based; allowing you to develop commercialisation ideas based on your own area of research. You will evaluate first-hand the business opportunity, developing a commercial business case based on the idea; and then prepare a 5 minute pitch and a business proposal canvas. 

The programme includes a series of lectures along with study group tutorial sessions. There are also follow on sessions and events to outline the opportunities available for you particularly if you wish to take the idea forward to the next stage.

Join the programme this autumn to;

  • develop commercial awareness 
  • enhance communication skills
  • boost confidence and 
  • strengthen your CV

Delivery format: Online and in person
Date: Semester 1; 28th September 2022 (over 10 weeks Wednesday 10am – 12pm)
Deadline for applications: Friday 9th September

Application form link:

Discover more about Researcher Training at

Masood Entrepreneurship Centre

The Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) is the focal point for enterprise and entrepreneurship programmes for students and researchers at The University of Manchester. Our activity is available across the campus to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to gain valuable experience and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set. For some of you it will be about developing skills and confidences; for others it will be about looking at the impact of your research and addressing a commercial opportunity.

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