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We’re transforming our Digital Learning Environment with your help

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The Flexible Learning Programme would like to extend a huge thank you to all students who took part in workshops and consultations during the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Review, and provided feedback into how we can improve our digital learning platforms.

Over the last 12 months, the DLE Review team have worked with over 100 students (plus University staff) to gather feedback about our future DLE – our digital environment that supports teaching and learning. 

Currently at the centre of our DLE is Blackboard Learn, a tool which allows students and staff to navigate learning content and tools. However, since our contract with Blackboard Learn is due to expire, we’re beginning to assess what tool could replace it – with a view to delivering a new DLE over the next few years.

What we learned from you

Your feedback told us that our future DLE should provide various benefits, including;

  • A consistent approach: a core set of tools that are supported and easy to use
  • Openness and sharing: enabling communities within students and staff with easy access to alternative courses
  • Connected and seamless: one log-in for all learning platforms, with easy access to important student information
  • Accessibility: a system that works for everyone
  • Student focus: engaging content that enables collaboration
  • Device agnostic: works across multiple different connected devices
  • Resilience: robust platforms with minimum ‘down time’

Your requirements have been captured in our final report and will help us to choose a new DLE that works for all. You can learn more about the report in this presentation, which summarises its content.

Next steps

The process of choosing a new product for our DLE (and putting it in place) will take a few years – and there’ll be plenty of ways for you to get involved throughout that time. We’re planning even more student engagement opportunities, to make sure the system we choose works for everyone – and we’ll be sure to share these opportunities with you. 

If you have any questions about the Digital Learning Environment Review at this stage, you can contact us at FlexibleLearning@manchester.ac.uk. A huge thank you once again for all contributions to the project so far.

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